Qlik View

Put the power of insight into the hands of your team with guided analytics apps

QlikView® Guided Analytics

Discover deeper insights by building your own rich, guided analytics applications with a flexible, business-ready solution.

QlikView is the most flexible Business Intelligence platform for turning data into knowledge. More than 24,000 organisations worldwide have enabled their users to easily consolidate, search, and visually analyse all their data for unprecedented business insight using QlikView’s simplicity.

One of the keys to QlikView’s success is its unique, award-winning in-memory associative technology. In-memory analysis and reporting means one-click access to visually rich, interactive dashboards anyone can build quickly and modify easily. It enables users to see and know their businesses in new ways and interactively explore data without limits. Now, users can engage their data with blazing speed, resulting in more informed, proactive decisions.


Create business-driven data discoveries with guided analysis paths that are highly customizable and tightly governed.


Build the exact tools you need for your organization and teams.


Provide one set of data and apps for use across your entire organization.


The advantages of guided analytics with secure, enterprise-level governance of data and analytics


Develop custom apps with QlikView scripting and
extend development with QlikView Workbench

Guided Analytics

Beautiful, controlled analytic experiences
guide employees toward discovering
insights and making meaningful decisions.

Smart Search

Use natural search to navigate complex
information to accelerate discovery

Data Integration

Unify data sources for a complete view of
information, centrally managed data and
apps make it easier to discover insights


Top-down control of analytics apps,
permissions and data management

Effective decision-making is based on having the right information available and easy accessible

Demo: Social Media Buzz

Explore an interactive QlikView app. In this demo, you can see what people were tweeting about, follow hashtags and sentiments and find the top tweeters during Qonnections 2014.

See demo

Demo: Executive Dashboard

See how QlikView helps analyze data related to clinical pathways in several key areas in this interactive QlikView dashboard.

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